Today’s homes and buildings consume more energy than any other aspect of the nation’s economy, including industry and transportation.


Did you know?

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Test your Energy IQ

Do you know which state consumes the most amount of electricity per household? How about what phantom loads are? How much does a typical U.S. family spend on home utility bills per year? To learn how much you know about home energy, take this Energy IQ quiz!


Heating tips from the Department of Energy

Check out's new infographic "Everything You Need to Know about Home Heating" to learn interesting facts about your heater and tips for saving money this winter.

Time to start heating your home again! This helpful infographic explains how heaters work, and offers tips to help you save on your heating bills this winter.


Weatherstripping double-hung windows

Need to keep that warm air from excaping? Here are instructions on how to weatherize one of the leakiest spots in older homes: double-hung windows.




For more tips on saving money and saving energy, visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Saver’s web page.


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